Semi-Independent Living

What We Provide

These provisions cater to young people 16 to 18 years old with varying health and social needs. Our accomodations are a small group living environment that provides a homely setting allowing young people to receive targeted support and close supervision. Eliminating the issues of lack of engagement whilst ensuring young people do not feel overwhelmed and or crowded.

​Our 24-hour accommodation-based service aims to prevent and/or reduce negative behaviours in young people.

Our dedicated staff carefully monitors and documents every aspect of the young person’s daily living to establish level of independence and areas that requires support to develop.

The nature of our Semi Independent Living also helps to equip young people with the life skills necessary to live independently.

Our Support & Guidance

Our young people are generally responsible for themselves and our role is to support them and provide them with guidance in accessing and planning for services that are relevant to their needs and aspiration. As we prepare young people’s for independence, our staff also work with them providing support with building basic life skills and knowledge that they’ll need in order to be able to live fully independently. Our support will include: