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Flexible Staffing Solutions for Your Organisation

Our Service

We are a recruitment organisation that focuses on the placement of fully trained professionals in a variety of healthcare settings across England. We offer great service to our clients by offering them qualified and experienced professionals even on short notice. Our recruitment solutions are customised to suit every organisation’s unique needs, urgent or deferrable; large or small, and at every level within the healthcare sector.

Our Staff

Why Our Staff?

Our innovative recruitment process seeks to place fully-trained, compliant staff members geared to drive your organisation to success. All potential applicants complete our rigorous screening and vetting before they are sent out to work. 

Care Workers & Healthcare Assistants

We pride ourselves in a vast database of nursing home care workers and healthcare assistants available for ad-hoc or continuous assignments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We provide a professional and friendly service to all of our clients, engaging with them to ensure that our management and staff achieve their expectations. We also provide managed healthcare staffing services tailored to each client’s specific needs and demands.
At Estherswift, we aim to grow our clients’ capacity so that they may achieve continuity of care, exceptional service, and a positive patient experience. Despite the fact that our personnel is qualified and experienced, we ensure that they undergo ongoing training and revalidation.